Belly Dancing Is Considered Sexy and Sexual

Belly dancing is considered both sexy and sensual depending on the observer’s point of view. A woman in a bikini swim suit may be seen as sexy, but not sensual. A beautiful woman walking graciously may be seen as sensual, but not sexy. Confused? Many people confuse these two words.

Sexy Versus Sensual:

Sexy usually refers to whatever may be appealing to another. It arouses basic sexual instincts and interests to be heightened or excited.
However, sensuality has more to do with physical, mental, and emotional sensations of our five senses without including sex.

It can be confusing at times. Much has to do with how a person is defining the difference between sex and sensuality.


There is a movement called pelvic tucks. Both male and female dancers perform this movement by making small tilting backward pelvic movements to the beat of the music. This is not a sexy movement but a sensual movement as it is being performed without anyone thinking or suggesting sex.

Male dancers are cautioned to never do this movement in a forward manner as it would be too suggestive and sexually threatening. A female may occasionally reverse this movement to a forward position but it is restrained and it does not cause anyone to think sex.

Dress Rehearsals:

The costume and the choreography are rehearsed and monitored before appearing before an audience. The teacher or the choreographer may change or modify a movement if inappropriate.

The bedroom:

An individual may decide to incorporate belly dancing movements mixed with sexy suggestions for their mate in the privacy of their bedroom. This type of dancing is definitely sexy with the intent of building romantic gestures and ending with sexual intimacy. No true dance artist of belly dancing would perform in this manner in a public performance.

The Public Performance:

The sensual movements require focused control and the dancer is so focused on her movements she is not thinking sex, but rather creating sensual actions with her body. The goal of the performance is beauty and fantasy combined with the art of flirting.

The choice of music for the dancer will determine if she will perform movements to the song lyrics or to choose an instrumental selection to dance assorted rhythms.

Think about this for a moment:

The dancer’s choreography includes a story line of a young girl living on a farm and she describes her chores with dance movements. For the audience to think that the dancer is being sexy would be cause for laughter considering the story line.

A dancer is performing with a live band and she and the drummer are having a contest interpreting the rhythms. She is using her body and hips to interpret the beats and the drummer is pounding his drum or drums with his fingertips trying to outdo the dancer. They and the audience are caught in the excitement of the percussion rhythms and having fun watching this duel.

How can a person think this is sex when the dancer is using her techniques, skills, and talents to creatively interpret the rhythms and the drummer is beating away on the skin of the drum? Neither of these performers is thinking sex. They are both preoccupied with the contest of wits.

Be Careful – Your Nightclub Promotions May Be Too Sexy

All night club owners think they know best when it comes to running a nightclub, but some of the most popular promotion ideas in the industry may actually be harming your business, depending on your clientele. One approach doesn’t work for all nightclubs, especially if you consider the differences in each club and it’s most frequent visitors. It’s important to find promotional ideas that work for your specific club or clubs, instead of simply using the most popular ideas from the country’s largest nightclubs. What works for a massive nightclub in Las Vegas may or may not work for a much smaller club in the Midwest.

One thing to consider when running a promotion is the sex appeal factor. If the club is conservative or located in a very conservative area, even a simple sexy nightclub promotion can cause a lot of uproar in the community. In many cases you can work this uproar into free promotion for your club, but beware of alienating too much of the local population. Also, if your customers are not comfortable with your overtly sexual nightclub operations, they may find a different nightclub to frequent.

Consider how sexy your promotions can get without crossing the line. If you have a high percentage of college students who are very liberal with their tastes, a wet t-shirt contest or sexy costume contest may bring in a lot more business. But if your nightclub is frequented by adult professionals instead, they may find the idea of a wet t-shirt contest too juvenile and take their business elsewhere. Nightclub promotions can get too sexy. There are a variety of ideas for a nightclub that allow owners to bring in business with sex appeal without going overboard.

Look at the normal level of sexuality present in your club, on any average night. If people are already scantily dressed and flirting heavily around the bar, then you can push the envelope farther. If your customers wear more conservative outfits and tend to focus on socializing instead of flirting, bringing in strippers to promote a Saturday will likely cause your regulars to avoid your club. While you’re still likely to attract a crowd, these new visitors are unlikely to continue frequenting your club after the strippers or sexy dancers are gone. Building a successful nightclub means building a consistent atmosphere and regular clientele, not relying on flashy or sexy gimmicks to draw a crowd every weekend.

Get an Incredible Scorching Look With the Sexy Temporary Body Art

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Nightclub Dancing – 7 Tips To Become A Sexy Dancer

Nightclub dancing is all about the love of the music, having fun and getting noticed with your sexy dancer moves. So whether you’ve been blessed with a natural boogie rhythm or questionable coordination these nightclub dancing tips will show you how to be a sexy dancer and maximise opportunities with the opposite sex.


If you want to get noticed on the dance floor then dress to impress. Sexual dance goes hand in hand with a sexy body so if you’ve got it flaunt it and get yourself moving in some seriously sexy get up.


Wear heels! Dancing is oh so much easier when you’re wearing a heel. Not only does it look sexier it’s actually a lot easier to pivot on the balls of your feet and flow to the music than trying to get a fluid movement with awkward flat shoes sticking to the floor.


If you’re hoping to get noticed, don’t bury yourself in the pack of your jigging girlfriends. Branch out and groove on the edges of your inner circle. Men are much more likely to approach you when you are on your own and try to talk or flirt dance with you. This is also a good tactic to use if your prospective suitor turns out to be less than desirable or starts coming on way too strong. If this happens swiftly move back in to the middle of your group while your friends quickly form a protective barrier around you.


Look out for any platform or raised area in the club that is fantastic for nightclub dancing. Get yourself up there so you can be seen while also giving you a very handy birds eye view of what is going on below. If you see someone you like you can watch what they’re doing, see if they’re with someone else or if they like you, invite them up to dance with you.


Don’t be too cool for school! A seriously sexy dancer with an obvious attitude will often be too intimidating for many men to approach. Keep your dance moves sassy smooth without appearing too ‘untouchable.’


Steer clear of any dance move that resembles the sprinkler, shopping in the supermarket, step touch, step touch or the grapevine. Nightclub dancing is about sexy movement and expressing your love for the music with your own sexy dancer style rather than these stilted moves. But if you simply can’t resist getting down with some of these old favourites well, at least they’ll get you noticed.


If you know you’ve got the moves don’t be afraid to really get in to it, just beware that what you put out there you’re likely to get back. If you’re sexual dance moves start to get just that little bit too sexual then most guys are going to think you’re up for anything. Instead if you dance and emit signals of a classy sex siren then you’ll likely get men approaching you with respect.